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My visits are always extremely exceptional! The staff and medical team are always in great spirits. My doctor is very well educated and well groomed. I found the best place for my care and wellbeing, outstanding place that I have recommended to family and friends.

Caring, sympathetic, knowledgeable & experienced, Dr. Puppala puts one at ease. From the moment that you meet him he is able to establish an immediate trust that both your physical & emotional needs will be met. I feel VERY fortunate to have him as my doctor. His staff & his assistant (Blanca) are angels in the care as well as the follow-up that they give.

-Kathy Bennett in Joliet, IL | Apr 18, 2016

Dr. Puppala has replaced both of my hips during the last four years. The latest being 3 weeks ago, it was done anteriorly. Both experiences with Dr. Puppala have been excellent. As I said, I am three weeks post op of the latest replacement and find myself wondering how I can possibly be doing so well. The pain is gone and I'm doing everyday tasks with no problem. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Puppala.

-Steve in Joliet, IL | Apr 14, 2016

Dr. Puppala performed a total right hip replacement on me on March 4. I had bone on bone before my surgery. My pain level was off the chart and I could hardly walk. I am very happy to say after three weeks of PT that I am walking with a cane, doing well and I have no pain. While I was in the hospital I couldn't help but notice that Dr. Puppala is held in very high regard by his peers. Beside being an excellent surgery, Dr. Puppala is very kind and compassionate man. Highly recommended.

-Donna L in Mokena, IL | Apr 07, 2016

Dr. Puppala is one of the finest surgeons that I have ever seen. He did an anterior hip replacement for me and I was walking the first day and driving within 2-weeks. The incision after 5-weeks is almost gone and at the start was only 5 inches which he glued and not stitched which makes for a scar that you can barely see. He is an artist physician and I highly recommend him if you are in the need of hip replacement! Thank you Doctor Puppala!

-John P in New Lenox, IL | Apr 04, 2016

Very good bedside manner, didn't rush you in and out on office visits, answered your questions, and was on time with his office visits.

-Ron F in Channahon,Il | Mar 05, 2016

I had my knee and life destroyed by this doctor in an arthroscopic surgery. 100x more pain after in order to make me get a knee replacement. I would never go back to him or this group.

-Witheld | Mar 29th, 2016

One of the best surgeons that has treated me. Did hip replacement and I was up and walking without any aid within 6 weeks.

-Kenneth Keehn | Oct 1st, 2015

Had anterior hip replacement. Dr Puppala is THEMAN..No hospital stay after anterior approach. Im on day 4 now , and walking just w a cane now. My incision is only pain I have now and its maybe a 3 out of 10. Great bedside and nurse Blanca is sweetheart too

-Joseph McIntosh | Jun 9th, 2015

Dr. Puppala is an exceptional physician. I have been in health care, nursing, over 30 years. I have worked with many physicians and offices of physicians. I do not give high praise lightly. I experienced a complete tear of my right rotator cuff, labral tear and bicep. From the moment I went to his office, I received nothing but a professional experience. He was caring, spent time with me explaining everything, acted like I was his only patient to see that day and every day that I saw him for follow-up. While off work, I ended up with moderately severe carpal tunnel on my opposite hand, that Dr. Puppala did surgery on. For both surgeries, he saw me before in the hospital, made sure I understood everything and answered every questions. Of course, I even asked him for "pretty" incisions and four months later, you can't see the four incisions on my right shoulder. I was back to work light duty after 2 1/2 months and full duty 3 months. He is a excellent orthopedic surgeon and I recommend him highly. His office nurse Blanca was more than wonderful. She always had the insurance papers filled out, faxed and filed before I even asked. She called me back when I needed something or had questions and all the surgery planning and scheduling went very smoothly. Incidentally, I had follow-up physical therapy with Tim Sharp, DPT at Provena Inwood Athletic Club. He also was more than professional, always concerned on how I was doing at home and making sure I was not doing too much. He always went above and beyond for me and I will miss him. My goal was to return to yoga. I reached that goal in 3 1/3 months, maybe not perfect yet at 4 months, but I have high hopes to reach that goal soon. I loved everyone involved in my care and am very thankful for each and everyone of them. At some point, I will need my left shoulder done and this is will be my whole team without question.

Mar 2nd, 2012

I ahve to agree with all these revies. Dr Puppala was the 4t doctr I saw for knee problems. Each fraud before him had a different diagnosis and their only solution was to medicte and shoot me up with something. He took the time to listen and really get into the cause of my problems and not try to treat the symptoms, therefore having me come back every month or so to do a follo up visit like the last 3 frauds before him. I appreciated his aggressive treatment program and it has worked. On top of this he is a courteous and prompt professional.

Jan 9th, 2012

Dr. Puppala was amazing. I broke my left hand and had to have a plate and 11 screws inserted. Dr. Puppala did a great surgery and was really helpful in what to expect for the future as well as how I might feel currently and down the road. Very easy to talk to and very much concerned about how I felt how he did. Excellent doctor!!

Mar 24th, 2011

Dr. Puppala took care of my shoulder. I've seen 4 various oortho specialists over the past 10 years in the Chicagoland area. I even went for a consult at Mayo Clinic. Just when I lost all hope, my neice recommended me to Dr. Puppala (he worked on her knee). Suffice it to say, he was exceptional! He repaired my shoulder when other docs from supposed "big name" hospitals told me I was a lost cause. I am so happy with my results, and my life is so much better because of him. Dr. Puppala is very, very intelligent. Apparently, he comes from a family full of doctors. He trained at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans--one of the top hospitals in the country. He came back here to the areas he grew up and brought his expertise to help us. He is a true expert in orthopedics, and a gift to our community. Thank you Dr. Puppala!

William | Mar 14th, 2010

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